1. The HumDNA Typing Kit (Platinum)

HumDNA typing kit(Platinum),developed with 5- dye fluorescent labeled STR multiplex PCR system,can produced DNA typing results containing  23 core loci,Y-indel locus among them can be used in difficult cases to assist in sex indentification.It is fully compatible with the CODIS standard and all the loci which are required by the public security database.The kits presents high polymorphism and stability, which can bu used for individual identification,paternity test and public securituy database construction.



2. HumDNA Typing Kit (Yan Huang)

Hum DNA typing kit(Yan Huang)is our self-developed typing kit that can produce DNA result containing 28 core loci for individual identification, paternity testing and database construction. It was developed with 6 dye-fluorescent labeled STR multiplex PCR system for challenging forensic samples that is compatible with currently used instrument platforms.  



Why choose us

Forensic Genomics International (FGI), a subsidiary of BGI, one of the world’s largest genomics organization, can provide a total solution for DNA typing, including sample preparation, STR amplification, detection, and DNA database construction, Our team of technical experts provide comprehensive support from initial project planning to implementation and ongoing maintenance, and they are always available to help your troubleshoot.